5 Secrets for Back to School Success

It's August, which means it's time to get ready to go back to school. When I was growing up, getting ready to go back to school meant shopping for school clothes, going to bed earlier, getting up earlier and of course new school supplies. There was always excitement in the air as I met my friends at the bus stop and we talked about our summers and wondered if we would have the same teacher in class that year. The beginning of the new school year still brings a certain energy and the hope of a fresh start and a successful school year. Here are some tips for success as you and your child prepare for the upcoming school year:

  • Set bedtimes: Have bedtimes slid or become non-existent over the summer? Quality sleep helps with many things, like stress, moods and learning. Now is the time to help your child get back into a bedtime routine. If you're not sure how much sleep your child needs, you can find out here. For more tips on setting a bedtime routine, this article has some great tips.
  • Practice a routine: Practicing a routine such as getting up, eating breakfast, getting dressed, etc. will help you and your child know how much time it takes to get ready in the mornings and make things go a little smoother. Here is a fun checklist so your child knows what to do each morning.
  • Decide on lunch: Will your child eat school lunch, pack a lunch from home or a combination of the two? For school lunch, make sure your child has money in his lunch account. If your child is taking a lunch from home, make sure she has a lunch box or lunch bag. Sit down with her and make a list of lunch ideas that are easy to prepare.
  • Go shopping: There's nothing like a new outfit or notebook that brings excitement for the new school year. Before you start shopping, go through your child's closet to make sure his clothes still fit and are appropriate for the season and take an inventory of school supplies to see what needs to be replaced. Taking advantage of back-to-school sales on clothing and supplies will help keep costs down.
  • Get organized: Many of us participated in remote learning last school year and our homes became schools. Take time to assess the area where your child will do his homework to make sure it still provides a good learning environment. This should be a designated area that is free from distraction.

These are just a few suggestions for preparing for a successful school year. There are many things you can do to help your child have a successful school year, you can find more tips here. Taking time now to prepare will help for a smoother school year – it will be here before you know it!

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

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