5 Ways to Build Attachment with Your Baby

New parents have a million things to worry about. From finding childcare to making sure their new baby is receiving the healthcare they need, new parents can sometimes be overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities they now have to juggle. Building attachment is just one of these new responsibilities that parents face with their babies. Attachment is when parents are able to interpret their baby's behavior and respond with compassion and care to that behavior. The first couple years of your baby's life are essential to your baby's mental and emotional development. Establishing secure attachment in your baby's early infancy will also aid in the well-being of your child as an adult. Building attachment with your baby is important because it will help them develop both mentally and emotionally.

In her article about building a secure attachment with your baby, Abby Bordner mentions different strategies that parents can utilize to build attachment with their babies.

Comfort Your Baby

When your baby cries, she is indicating that she is in need of something. Connecting with your baby by talking to her in a comforting voice will help build attachment with your baby. Holding and cuddling your baby while comforting her is also an important part of building a strong attachment with your baby. Touch reassures your baby and makes her feel safe. Cuddling with your baby will also encourage both the parent and the baby to be calm and relaxed.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your baby as you feed, play, or care for him is essential for your baby's development. By making eye contact and sharing expressions and emotions with your baby, he is able to learn from you. This learning builds attachment between you and your baby, which in turn aids in your baby's development.

Watch and Listen to Your Baby

It is important to not only watch but to listen to your baby. By doing this, you will be able to notice her early cues of distress and more quickly be able to meet her needs. Listening to your baby is key to building attachment with your baby.

Practice Being Fully Present

Making sure to give your baby your full attention periodically throughout the day is important in building attachment with your baby. This could potentially mean removing distractions from your life, such as cell phones or television, in order to give your full attention to your baby.

Practice Being Self-Aware

Realizing and understanding when you are experiencing negative emotions (such as exhaustion, anxiety, or frustration) allows you to take a step back to care for yourself so you can then take better care of your baby. Being self-aware as a parent will help you make intentional choices with your baby. Recognizing your stressors, and then taking action to recuperate, will allow you to be fully present with your baby at periodical times throughout the day. This is turn aids in attachment between parents and baby.

The first two years of your baby's life are crucial time for your baby's mental and emotional development. By focusing on the previously mentioned strategies, you will be able to build a secure attachment with your baby. This secure attachment will not only aid in your baby's brain development but will also aid in helping your children to grow up and become happier, more resilient adults.

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