Building Sibling Relationships—Family Night Idea

While doing an outreach event recently I had a wonderful conversation with a mom about sibling relationships. She told me about her hopes and dreams for her children and the friendship she hoped they would develop and keep throughout their lives. She admitted, like many parents, that fostering those good relationships was sometimes incredibly hard!

After this conversation I got thinking about my own family, I grew up as the older sister of three rambunctious younger brothers. Although everyone in my immediate family is quite different, we have always been a very close family. I started thinking about the various things my parents had done to help us get to this point and it brought some of my favorite memories to mind. So I thought I'd share just one thing I know made a difference for me.

In my early teenage years, I remember my mom introducing "All About (insert family member)" days. Each month we would have a family night completely focused on one member of our family. On this night we would eat that person's favorite dinner, do an activity that they loved and eat their favorite dessert. But my favorite part of the evening was the quiz my mom would make up. She would spend time writing up a 15-20 question quiz all about that person, then the rest of the family tried to see how well we knew them. She asked easy questions like "When is this person's birthday?" and "What's their nickname?", to deeper questions like "Who is this person's hero?" "What's one thing this person wants to do by the time they are 25?" and "What does this person think they are really good at?"

Not only did these questions make us think about that person but they made for really great conversations and lots of laughs. It made me notice things about my siblings and parents that I overlooked before. And man, if it was your month to be spotlighted you sure felt special! In a time when there were so many other things calling our attention, it was nice to take the time as a whole family to focus on and celebrate one person.

If you think this might be fun to try with your family, print out the template below or create your own and give it a shot! Don't forget to include yourselves in the rotation, your children will enjoy celebrating you just as much as their siblings. What kind of things do you feel help to keep your family close? Share your ideas with us in the comments below! 

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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