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Children’s Card Games on the Go

I love to play games, especially card games. There’s just something about being surrounded by others and enjoying the conversation as you strategize your next move. I’m the first to admit that not all games are child-friendly. But with a little creativity, you can involve children in many games, even if they aren’t able to comprehend the strategy involved.

Games are fantastic for those times you find yourself waiting. For example, have you ever found yourself waiting at a doctor’s office? Or waiting for a meal at a restaurant? Or maybe you’re driving to a family gathering an hour away and your children are already “bored” before you even travel two blocks? Or you just want something fun to do with your child? A deck of cards is easy to keep on hand for these kinds of moments.

Games are also a great way to get your child to open up to you. Finding ways to keep the channels of communication open between a parent and a child are crucial in developing a positive relationship.

Try these simple games that only need a single deck of playing cards. I’ve put a recommended age for the games below, but feel free to try all of them if your child is picking up the games quicker! I’ve linked up to YouTube so you can get a quick refresher on the rules for these games from your childhood. So go ahead, sit back, relax, and bring on some card games!

Go Fish (age 3+)

Memory (age 3+)

War (age 4+)

Snap (age 4+)

Old Maid (age 5+)

Crazy 8’s (age 5+)

Kings in the Corner (age 6+)

Spoons (age 6+)

What are your favorite card games? 

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