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The Truth About Weighted Sleep Sacks

Weighted sleep sacks for babies are all the rage these days. After all, weighted blankets are an amazing tool to help teens and adults relax, relieve anxious feelings, and sleep more soundly. The subtle pressure has a soothing effect on the body and mind. So, why not try it for your fussy infant? Surely it

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Tongue-Tied? Do not shy away from feeding concerns. 

With so much to do and learn as a new mother, knowing when and what to discuss with your healthcare provider may feel overwhelming. Whether you have chosen to breastfeed or use a bottle, you may need clarification on what feeding concerns to address with a professional. After all, it is hard to be aware

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Family Stress and Coping Part 2: Family Meetings

Each family is unique and will go through different challenging experiences. Every family will have ups and downs. Moments that are fun and enjoyable as well as frustrating and difficult. As much as we as humans and parents want to focus on just the pleasant moments, it’s important to be prepared for difficult and stressful

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