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¿Cómo facilitar el desarrollo social y emocional de mi niño?

El desarrollo social y emocional durante los primeros años de vida es un proceso fundamental y gradual en el cual los niños adquieren la capacidad de entender, experimentar, expresar y gestionar sus emociones apropiadamente y desarrollar relaciones sanas con adultos y otros niños. Esto establecerá fundamentos para el resto de la vida del niño, sus

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Turning Heads: What You Need to Know About Torticollis

You’re smiling down at your baby, tilting your head back and forth to capture her attention. Chances are she’ll start to move her head back and forth to follow your gaze, smiling back up at you. But what happens when she doesn’t? Maybe you notice that she has her head tilted to one side and

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse can be a scary topic. According to some studies, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. is sexually abused before reaching age 18. Often, the child knows the abuser. For any parent or future parent, the information and statistics about child sexual abuse are alarming. Becoming educated about preventing sexual abuse is

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Explaining Mindsets: Fixed vs. Growth

Did you know how you praise a child can be linked to the mindset they develop? Have you ever heard the terms Growth mindset and Fixed mindset? Do you know the difference? A fixed mindset is believing that you can’t learn more or do better. It limits learning to how things are now. The Growth

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How to Succeed When Adding Another Baby to the Family

Having a second baby, or any child after that is a big change for a family. This new child might seem fussier or more difficult than your first. We want to offer some ideas to help parents adjust well to the new addition. Here are some things to consider: Your Bond with Baby: As you now

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What is your Parenting Style?

Parenting styles, as defined by Diana Baumrind are strategies that parents use in their child-rearing. Those styles are Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved. Let’s take a deeper look into these 4 parenting styles. Authoritarian- very strict rules, these kinds of parents have rules for their children with no flexibility to them. You can think of this kind

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