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Toddlers: As still as a flamingo?

When you picture a flamingo in your head, what do you picture it doing? Is it flying? Running? Jumping? No, right? Usually, when we picture a flamingo, we tend to picture it standing still on one leg. Interestingly enough, flamingoes can stand still on one leg for up to four hours! Scientists have come up

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The Power of the 5 Love Languages for Your Own Children

When we talk about love languages we usually talk about it in the sense of significant others. I believe this is a great way to also reflect on how you express love to your own children! What love language do you think your child appreciates the most? What love language comes easy to you as

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Your (In)complete Guide to Child-Houseplant Safety

Some of my very favorite things in the Help Me Grow office space are the houseplants we keep. The idea of these little living things brightening our space and continuing to grow, endure, and thrive day by day makes me smile, and I appreciate them all the more for the small favors they ask of

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom, Dad, & Baby

There may be a lot of things you’re feeling anxious about, but having what you need for the hospital doesn’t have to be one! Pack your bag by 36 or 37 weeks as the baby could come earlier than expected. Essential day-to-day items can wait but be prepared to grab them when the time comes.

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Rethink and Refocus Disciplining Your Children

Do you have times in your parenting where you end up yelling at your children and then feeling guilty? You’re not even sure your kids are listening! Let’s explore discipline and see if we can help you. What comes to mind when you hear the word discipline? There are many definitions for this word. Too

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