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Guest Post: How to Get Ready for the School Year with the Pandemic in Mind

With many areas in a reopening phase, you may need to prepare for your children’s school to open back up for the new academic year as well. Some schools may return to in-person classes, while others may offer online learning opportunities or a combination of both. Below, find out how your family can get ready for either situation and discover how to get your kids set up for success this year.

Getting Ready for Digital Learning

Depending on your school’s policies, some or all of your children’s learning will need to occur online this year. These resources will help you prepare.

  • Make sure your online virus protection is up-to-date and your devices are secure.
  • If your children’s classes will be held via Zoom, talk about how to stay safe.
  • Set up a quiet learning space in your home where your children can focus on classes without distractions.
  • Provide a variety of activities that don’t involve screens for your kids’ downtime to give their eyes and mind a break.

Preparing for In-Person Classes

Classes at your children’s school might resume as normal, or you might need to have your kids attend class part of the week. Either way, these tips can help you get ready for school days.

  • Get travel-sized hand sanitizer or wipes like Wet Ones for your kids’ backpacks.
  • Check whether your school will require masks so you can be prepared. Making new masks together may be a fun activity to gear up for the year.
  • It doesn’t hurt to go over steps such as hand washing and covering coughs again before the school year starts.
  • If your kids are overwhelmed with going back to school, be ready to provide extra help with homework so they can stay on track.

Getting Your Family Ready

It always helps to have your whole family on the same page when the new school year starts, but it’ll be even more important this year. These tips can help you all get into the swing of the new school year whether classes are held online or in person.

  • Start changing your family’s sleep schedule a few weeks before classes resume so your kids are in the habit of going to bed on time.
  • Plan out some meal ideas in advance so you don’t get too overwhelmed to make healthy dinners during the first few weeks of school.
  • Make school mornings a breeze by preparing the night before. Laying out tomorrow’s clothes, getting lunches ready, and double-checking backpacks can make a huge difference in morning stress levels.
  • If your kids will continue online classes, having a schedule is still important for getting everything done in the day.

Gearing up for a new school year is often a challenge, but this year will likely be a bit more difficult. Checking your school’s policies will help point you in the right direction. Moreover, getting your supplies ready and easing back into a routine will help you prepare whether your school is offering online or in-person classes this year.

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