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Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom, Dad, & Baby

There may be a lot of things you’re feeling anxious about, but having what you need for the hospital doesn’t have to be one! Pack your bag by 36 or 37 weeks as the baby could come earlier than expected. Essential day-to-day items can wait but be prepared to grab them when the time comes. Place the hospital bag in a convenient location such as by the door leading to your transportation. 

Essentials may include:


  • Photo ID, insurance information, any necessary hospital forms & your birth plan 
  • A pair of non-slip socks, comfortable headbands or hair ties, and a robe
  • Nursing pads for leak protection, nipple cream if you anticipate breastfeeding, wireless maternity bras, and comfortable shoes
  • Loose lightweight clothing/sleepwear, and undergarments, for the hospital and for heading home


  • Snacks & entertainment (book, downloaded movie, podcast – with headphones)
  • Comfortable shoes, change of clothes, & socks 
  • Small pillow & a light blanket 


  • Cell phone, charger, & a portable charger
  • If needed, contacts, glasses, their cases, and contact solution 
  • Any medication taken daily. (Be sure to communicate any with your nurses about any medications you need to take.)
  • Toiletries such as a toothbrush and deodorant


  • Approved infant car seat
  • An outfit and a hat for the way home (Tip: Bring different sizes to ensure they fit)
  • Warm blanket
  • Bottles & formula – if you have a preference to the type and are bottle feeding.


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Preparing a hospital bag can bring peace of mind and help your hospital experience run smoother, so that you can ultimately enjoy waiting for your baby and the precious moments to come.

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