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Prioritizing Self-Care: How to Make YOU-time Happen!

Have you ever been on an airplane? Before the plane takes off the flight attendant reminds the passengers where the safety exits are located and how to access the overhead oxygen mask. Importantly, they instruct the passengers to put on their masks before helping another person. Why is it important to put your oxygen on first? Simply put, if you don’t have oxygen you are unable to help the person next to you. It seems intuitive, but moms are often found guilty of figuratively putting on the mask of everyone else before realizing they too could have used some oxygen.

My goal is to give you ideas on how to prioritize your needs as an individual so that you can then serve and care for your family in the amazing way that you do!

Make a plan. What does self-care look like for you? Does it involve putting your feet up and watching a movie or leaving the house for a spa day or ceramics class? The beautiful thing is, you can do it all. Self-care is not once and done. We show ourselves we are important when we take the time to prioritize our needs just like we prioritize changing our child’s diaper. The website, “A Mother Far From Home” can help spark some ideas on your journey towards self-care. Take a look at these simple self-care routines you can do daily. Or if you’re looking for a new hobby check this link out.

Write it down. How do you make sure something important gets done? For example, if I need to take my child to the pediatrician in a few weeks, I write it in my calendar. That signifies that whatever I might have been doing at 9 am on a Wednesday morning in two weeks, is now going to be spent in a doctor’s office with my son. What if you started calendaring your self-care hour or Saturday afternoon walk? My guess is it would start happening. Calendar events happen because we make time for them. Make time for YOU.

Make it known. How will you hold yourself accountable? This trip to the spa is happening! It’s on your calendar and the babysitter is planning on coming over. But you’re still not sure you’ll actually follow through with it. Phone a friend or tell your partner. You are choosing to prioritize yourself. Let others support you and cheer you on!

Follow through. Parents, you are important! Your needs matter. Your emotions are valid and your dreams are worth reaching. Prioritizing your family means prioritizing your self-care. Make it happen!

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brownn

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