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Recognizing and Treating Tongue-Ties

“I have tried many times to express my feelings, but at each attempt, I find myself tongue-tied” -Kate Cary

Did you know that being tongue-tied is something more than just an experience one feels when they struggle to find words? A tongue tie is a small bit of skin tissue, called the frenulum, that attaches the bottom of your tongue to the bottom part of your mouth underneath it. When this frenulum is too short or tight, this is referred to as a tongue-tie.

For a large number of people, a tongue-tie won’t be a problem, but for some, especially babies, it can pose some challenges. While breastfeeding mothers and babies generally experience more challenges from tongue-tie, it can also have impacts on bottle-feeding babies as well.

Signs a breastfed baby may have a tongue-tie:

A breastfeeding mother may notice some other signs as well:

Signs a bottle-fed baby may have a tongue-tie:

There are a number of ways to treat a tongue-tie:

This booklet from Sarah Oakley, a lactation consultant, has helpful information and research about tongue ties, treating them, and the impacts of tongue-tie. Her main website is found at this link.

If your baby has a tongue-tie that is causing feeding problems or other difficulties, know that you are not alone and that support is available!

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