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Most parents know how important it is for their children to be active, but they also know how hard it can be to pull their kids away from screen time and other sedentary activities.

Active kids are more likely to have:

·a healthy weight

·stronger bones and muscles

·healthy hearts and brains

·better memory, attention and problem-solving skills

·lower stress levels

·fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression

·better mental health and self-esteem

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans state that preschool-aged children should be active throughout the day. Adults caring for children should encourage active play for at least 3 hours a day.

That may sound a little daunting, but here are some ideas to keep your children active:


Try gardening as a family-building a garden, digging dirt, and watering plants can be hard work.

How about a family walk or bike ride several days a week?

Go to the park as often as you can. Wear your kids out before bedtime.

Try family games like Red Light Green Light, Tag or Simon Says.


Don’t let the weather discourage you from being active as a family. If it’s too cold or hot outside try:

·Animal Yoga

·Freeze Dance-many options on YouTube

·At home workouts using dice or playing cards-make up your own game-Roll a 6-do 10 jumping jacks, 10 of Hearts- do 10 push-ups, etc.

·Set up an indoor obstacle course

·Blow up balloons and play “Don’t let the balloon touch the ground”

·Have a dance party

You are an important part of helping your children be healthy. We are here to help you achieve that goal.

USU EFNEP provides free classes on basic nutrition concepts and physical activity for families. Our current curriculum is “Eating Smart Being Active”. If you would like more information or would like to sign up for the classes, visit our website:

Information adapted from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition. Available at


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